Basic Support for Cooperative Work

Sorry, BSCW is Down Temporarily

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology uses BSCW to make it easier for our students, staff, and faculty to work together in our classes. The department also offers BSCW workspaces for projects within the college and the larger university community.

You must be a registered member of one of the current projects or classes to gain admission to the Workspace. Your workspace moderator will preregister you for the workspace and inform you when your account is active and you have been admitted to the proper areas of the workspace. If you are not registered but wish to learn about the workspace program utilized for the Virtual Classroom, visit the home site for BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work), in Germany.

Help Pages

There are a series of custom built help pages to facilitate your effective use of the BSCW workspace here at Creighton University.

Creighton College of Arts and Science Home Page

If you are looking for the College of Arts and Sciences Home Page you can find it right here.




Page last updated: January 17, 2007